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spring cleaning sucks- when it’s 75 degrees and sunny outside.

Ok, so the boyfriend is off to the suburbs for the day, and I thought it a perfect idea to clean the apartment. A nice fresh overhaul. Have you done yours yet? I can organize things as I like, and … Continue reading

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When I was in high school, my boyfriend wasn’t the nicest of 17 year olds. He liked me sometimes, even showed it other times, and then he mostly treated me like I was lucky to be standing next to him. … Continue reading

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The 5 best movie speeches about someone not loving you backā€¦

The only person I have ever met that has an equal appreciate for love stories, usually set in a Brittish setting (but not always), is my friend Laura. She put together this collection of movie speeches pertaining to matters of … Continue reading

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5 stages.

I have some pretty interesting views on relationship statuses. I thought I would share, in case you ever questioned what stage you were in, and needed clarification. Keep in mind any one of these stages can be repeated- and they … Continue reading

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situations not warranted.

I often joke that if I were locked in a room for a month, when I came out- something would be wrong, and ultimately, it would be my fault. I believe this to be an innate curse, but I live … Continue reading

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