beauty loyalty, take 2.

Happy Fall! The leaves that peak through my sky-light in the morning are bright with shades of oranges, reds and yellows. It’s stunning! Makes me happy and makes me think of all things pretty. New to my findings are some local, small businesses that I have discovered and will forever be loyal.  I present to you beauty loyalty, take 2.

  1. I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit that I am 37 years old. In fact, I embrace it! I’m happier than I have ever been in my entire life personally, professionally and spiritually. With that being said…37 doesn’t come without it’s “aging” accompaniments.  I decided to start being proactive with my skincare, in addition to my monthly chemical peel and micro from the wonderful making faces, to fight aging before it lands directly on my face.  Trust me when I say visit Ericka. Don’t ask questions, just do it. She is brilliant, wonderful, and you know that old saying “don’t get a haircut from someone with bad hair” (Okay, maybe that is just something I say), well once you look at her- you’ll want whatever she’s having. Trust me. Now, I’m not sending you to Isabella Rossellini circa Death Becomes Her, she isn’t giving you a potion with a warning, she IS giving you the education and foundation to keep your “glow” about you longer than nature intended. 

    screw the natural law!

    screw the natural law!

  2. Wink. No, I’m not flirting with you. It’s the name of a salon in Portsmouth that just had a major lift of it’s own. I’ll start by saying that I am a fan of the blow-dry bar. In Chicago, I would go at lunch, but hadn’t found a good one in NH, until now! While my pup was getting groomed last night, I decided to visit this place that I heard had wonderful ownership and a great reputation.  The rumor-mill was correct! Aside from the fact that my stylist (Ashley Varney- visit her) was probably one of the most interesting, determined and sweet 23-year-olds that I have crossed in my days, the price-point and options list are amazing! For only $35 you get to look and feel pretty damn awesome (if I do say so myself). I added on the deep conditioning for $10.  I’ll tell you, even a day later I can’t stop smelling my hair! It’s awesome. I believe they used the Moroccan Oil product line. Janna will always be my one-and-only with the cuts, but I will visit Wink from time to time from now on for a fluff. You should too.
  3. My last of the day is not a place, but a person. Actually, she’s a bridesmaid in my upcoming nuptials. I have a friend who can literally hang from her ceiling, do that pose where only your arms are holding you up, and is a barre-yoga queen. I am determined to let her mold me into the hottest bride on the planet, but at this point, I have only done the arm exercises she assigned. Don’t judge me, I still run at the gym in my office, but I do need to do more. I know that. I’m judging myself. I digress. She works for a great new company called “Barre and Soul,” with locations in Portsmouth, NH and Melrose and Cambridge, MA. I don’t know how she does it, but she inspires me to do more every day by just reading her Facebook updates in my daily feed. Even writing this I feel guilty I don’t go with her every time she says “take my class!” or “come with me to the 5:30 class!”  In the meantime, my loyalty is to her.

    meet crissy. ain't she cute?

    meet crissy. fun fact: she was mrs. nh 2014

That’s enough for now. I hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall! It’s almost our first Halloween in the new house. Serious question for you: do we decorate the yard to scare the shit out of the kids (of course enlisting Gunnar to help me do so) or do I play nice with the giant candy bars? Decisions, decisions…


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