beauty loyalty.

well, partners and stores of pretty.

well, partners and stores of pretty.

So, at this point, it is no secret that I like to spoil myself. HOWEVER, with that horribly superficial quality comes one of the most value to human beings: loyalty. If I like your store, your services, your products, how you treat me, and obviously the price point- I will be loyal to you forever.  There are now two places in Portsmouth, NH who have captured my heart.

I have been a loyal beaut-thusiast to a little store in Portsmouth, NH called Making Faces since 2006, when I first discovered it. After moving home from Chicago in 2012, it has been easier for me to show my support, but I have never valued anything more than my monthly-day-of-pretty with the store’s owner, Annie. She has corrected my skin and given it life again. Her staff, Michelle, Reese and Kristi have always made me feel welcomed and appreciated, while also putting me in front of the amazing products that make me feel, well, not so 36 (to put it bluntly). From Kate Somerville to stila, Butter, too faced and Fairy Drops, I am constantly in awe how effortless it is for one store to hold so much value in product- on top of the best customer service, taste and aesthetic advice around. They sometimes offer new and fun trendy clothes and jewelry, while always offering the amazing Naked Undies line of sexy/comfy lounge wear. Recently, Reese introduced me to my new favorite thing- Bare Minerals. She had taught me to use primer a while back, but it wasn’t until today that I broke it out. Holy difference! Thank you, ladies. I wouldn’t dream of giving my loyalty or face to anyone else.

New discovery that I will now be forever loyal to: Buff & File Nail Bar. Also located in Portsmouth, NH, B&F is part owned by a talented graphic designer I once met at a summer wedding years ago, Andree Van Oss. The decor is simple, elegant, clean and new. White and black, with only the pops of the highest end (and organic) nail polishes to add color. Lovely Amanda did my pedicure and no-chip manicure. I went with the new Chanel fall color “Vamp” on my toes, and a gorgeous tan french manicure on my hands.  Amanda was fun, as she sang along with the various mix of, what I can only imagine was a Pandora station of either Britney Spears or Madonna. Who doesn’t love getting their nails done while awesome 80s and 90s music is playing overhead?! I love my nails and I will definitely be back. They also have a fun (and always appreciated) policy that if a nail chips within 10 days, they will fix it for free. Score! Loyalty, earned!

Well, as I type this Brad just called. We have a HUGE bath tub in our downstairs bathroom-and he asked me to fill it up. Soooooooo, I think I shall put together some pina coladas and do as I was told. I wouldn’t want to disappoint him.  Don’t mind me if I end this post here- I’m sure you understand.

Don’t you just love loyalty?   🙂

happy weekend, everyone!

happy weekend, everyone!




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  1. I also like Buff & File Nail Bar. That is great!

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