Starting on the right foot…hello world.

This quote pretty much describes my view on life:

When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either. -Leo Burnett.

Leo Burnett started off with criticism, both from the NY market and the Chicago media. A journalist stated he would fail miserably, and end up selling apples on the street. His ambition fought back, and soon he was laughing at the world- giving away those apples for free.

I have never understood the perma-waitress or clerk, who stays in the small town and accepts the hand dealt to her, without complaint. I supposed it would make up for a less stressful life, but what fun is life without challenges? I’m not knocking the service industry. In fact, I admire one who takes pride in their work. I’m more or less questioning the lack of wanting something more. Shouldn’t we all want more? If you want to make yourself a better person, I certainly don’t think that would classify as greed. Ambition, to me, is the sexiest attribute in a person.

As I sat in my car the other day, singing at the top of my lungs to my Taylor Swift CD, I couldn’t help but start to analyze the life choices I have made up until now. I guess it’s normal to judge yourself- mildly. I can’t help but be a little confused as to whether I am truly happy, or if I am faking it in order to deal with some things I seem to have missed out on. I have always felt a little different, but never like this… I am speaking of course about the fact that MOST of my friends are now married, engaged, pregnant, or new mothers. Shouldn’t I want that at 33? Could ambition come in different forms? I think the engaged/married part would be really fun- but I couldn’t even conceive the notion that I am ready to be fully responsible for someone (meaning a baby) other than my golden retriever. Does that make me a selfish person?

Does a career count as something to cherish? I have always certainly thought so.

Frustrated and happy. Is that possible?

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