When I was in high school, my boyfriend wasn’t the nicest of 17 year olds. He liked me sometimes, even showed it other times, and then he mostly treated me like I was lucky to be standing next to him. My mother called him moody; I just loved his blue eyes. I am a sucker for them, dang-it. I believe boyfriend and I had broken up, and I must have looked sad in class. ANYWAY, one day in my history class, Mr. Callahan pulled me aside and started telling me a story: “When my mom and dad were in college, every hockey season he would break up with my mom, so he could play and not worry about a relationship. And following every season, he would beg for her back. After a while, she would say no, play hard to get, etc (even though she was in love with him)- and they have been together ever since.” I didn’t understand why he was telling me this- until he explained MAUI. He said his mother taught him MAUI, as she used it on his father, and it worked like a charm every time. Use it wisely, for I’m giving you gold here.

Disclaimer: I do not, to date, believe I have ever been successful with this theory on my own personal relationships. I do know that every time I try to be callous- people think I’m playing hard to get, when really, I just don’t care. Regardless, they always try harder the more I push away, so there is something to this line of thinking. I think I’m too aggressive, blunt and impatient to wait for something I want. It’s only worked on me when I REALLY didn’t want the person in my life. SO in essence, I shot myself in the foot when I knew the outcome already. But if you are heartbroken- at a loss for how to get your crush on a date, give it a try…you never know.

Mysterious. If you are not forthcoming with information, people will want to know more about you. The opposite is also true.

Aloof. If you act distant, people will naturally be curious and want to get closer to you.

Uninterested. People always want what they can’t have…

Independent. Who doesn’t love someone who can stand on their own two feet? Who wants someone needy!?

Happy dating!

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  1. Be yourself. If after you are yourself, he doesn’t want to stay? Then it was never worth it in the first place- AND he doesn’t deserve you. Moving on, I always say… 🙂

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