more people should watch cartoons.

My mother just sent me a forward about eating dessert for dinner, rather than being sensible because you only live once and life is short. I can agree with that completely.

Here is a list that struck me today of things I also feel people should do more of: (Feel free to add your own!)

  • watch more cartoons
  • watch cheesy romantic comedies
  • sing out-loud when a song comes on that makes you smile
  • compliment other people when they deserve it (who cares if you know them or not?)
  • pet more dogs- animals in general for that matter. They are the only ones on this planet not looking for anything more than just that little love.
  • talk less about other people behind their backs.
  • eat cheetoes
  • take walks along water, and stop to feed the ducks
  • celebrate little league and pee-wee football games
  • learn how to do something NEW (play the piano, guitar, paint, cook, dance, sing)
  • hug and kiss
  • send real greeting cards in the US mail. REAL cards- not e-cards.
  • say please and thank you
  • forgive mistakes
  • rise above the obvious remark, if negative
  • say “I’m sorry”
  • refuse the urge to judge
  • laugh
  • drive with the sun-roof open or top town
  • appreciate advertising. someone is taking the time to create it for you.
  • drink red wine and eat chocolate and cheese with someone that you love, while listening to music.

Have a great evening. 🙂


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  1. Look at all the un-sung hero’s around you.What makes them that way?They do things because they need to be done, not to be lauded by anyone.What keeps them going?Try to watch for them going about their day doing kindnesses for others without saying”look at me world”!
    Yes we need to watch cartoons and we also need to look for the old foggie crossing the road that might just need an arm for guidence or a piece of paper on the ground that might just need to be picked up or an old person sitting alone, to say to them, how are YOU today and last but certainly not least, calling your loved ones to say hi and I love you. Kindnesses are miracles that we all can make happen.

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