road rage.

Ahhh. Silly little girl and your cheesy hot pink Myrtle Beach sticker. Although, I am not shocked that is your preferred vacation spot, I will refrain from citing the poor white trash (PWT) connection. Oops…guess I mentioned it after all. My bad.

friends of yours?

Here is my shout out to the amazing driver in the cream colored Altima (license plate # NH 292 2074) that felt it was necessary to cut me off, flip me off, then proceed to have a fun time speeding up next to me in order to cut me off again and then drive slow in front of me- then flip her cigarette at my car! Was that really necessary? Funny- she seemed to slow down and drive normal when she saw me pull my iPhone out to snap a picture of her car/licence plate.

here you go, sweetie.

Silly gal didn’t realize who she was messing with: I don’t have road rage, but I am online. All. Day. Long. My advice to all driver is if you encounter any legal issues, including road rage incidents, reaching out to a personal injury lawyer can help. Injured in Stuart, FL? The personal injury lawyers from Kogan & DiSalvo law firm can help.

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