a funny observation.

Often times when I work out, I find that I am able to run longer distances if I don’t know how far I have run already.  My farthest, non-stop, is 4.04 miles (this is an amazing feat coming from a former sprinter).  One of the tricks I use is to block the screens with a magazine.  Typically I can’t find any new ones, and I have to deal with the ratty old ones I have read 10 times.  Today I got lucky!  While on the treadmill at the gym, I was reading the most recent People magazine. It is dated for November 5, 2012- even though the topic of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s wedding is basically old.

oh joy.

I wrote a post earlier about peculiar ad placements. I believe I have come across another and I wanted to share. In the midst of the wedding album, I see this:

It scares other bacon to bits. No, really.

While I appreciate the planner’s vision of a highly trafficked section of the magazine’s cover story, it just struck me as a silly place for bacon.  Who knows, maybe it was on the evening’s menu?