Derek Jeter: His existence has caused me a couple of frustrations in my lifetime and I should be angry at this guy, but I’m not. Why? I’ll explain it all.

1. For some reason, the University of South Carolina lured many people from the greater New Jersey/New York area.  Many of them were my friends, and all of those friends LOVED baseball.  Side note: I also loved and adored my southern friends, but they were more into Carolina football WHICH ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS I APPRECIATE, so watching baseball was reserved for the “yankees” of the school. I digress. Now, there will always be the rivalry within with The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.  This caused for some interesting interactions at Sharky’s (I tried to hyperlink this to the site, but as anyone who has worked, drank or driven by could assume- they don’t have a website). One particular evening, I was feeling saucy and decided to take the bet of “whoever loses has to take a shot of the winner’s choice.” Well, we all know what happened during that game in 1999 (ACLS series): Thanks for the shot of Everclear, Jete. Ouch.

A term and nickname created by Southerners and Confederate Civil War soldiers for a personwho is from the North (Midwest/Northeast). It was especially given to Union soldiers who fought in the American Civil War, usually havingto go into into The South in order to engage the enemy in combat. The Union forces invading Southern territory and also incidents where a few groups of soldiers pillaged and destroyedproperty and people’s lives resulted in making this nickname derogatory by some.
Ex. Northerners and Midwesterners get called “Yankees” a lot by many Southerners.

2. During the summer of 2005, my friend Mardi and I found ourselves in the VIP area of Whiskey Park (I guess it is closed down now). Well, us and the entire starting line-up of the Yankees. Don’t worry, A-Rod didn’t stay, as he was leaving as we walked in the establishment. However, we got to bond with some Yankees, as they drank and made strange conversation. Jeter sat with his K-Swiss sneakers and proceeded to try to hook-up with one of our friends, until he decided he didn’t want to talk to her anymore and my glasses were more amusing to him. Mardi and I had successfully avoided direct contact with any of them, aside from conversation, and merely accepted the free drinks (you know you would have too). He asked if he could try on my glasses. Mind you- the seeing kind, not sunglasses; I’m not that hip. I said no, to which everyone laughed. He had a HUGE head, and they were new, so I wasn’t about to have them ruined. “Like he can’t afford to replace them,” I believe came out of Posada’s mouth, to which I snapped back “LIKE I AM GOING TO SEE HIM AGAIN?!” I finally caved, he tried them on, stretched them- tried to fix them and “snap.” Thanks again, Jete. Those were Prada.

Frustrations and BAD relationship stories aside (Mariah Carey), I have a lot of admiration for the guy. He is an amazing athlete and has loyalty to his team- and seems to be a regular guy from my interactions. Okay, so there was this moment:

ahh, memories.
ahh, memories.

Lately, the news (and his PR team) have done an excellent job at showing the “real” him. I gotta say, I respect it.  In this world of beatings, natural disasters, crazy people with guns and knives, war, and beheadings; I am appreciative of positive/happy and uplifting news. ESPN did a piece on him here.  But the thing that you know warms my heart is the recent Gatorade ad. My eyes watered. I simply LOVE this commercial. Watch it with the volume on.


His last game of his career in Boston is this Sunday. Bittersweet. It won’t be the same watching the Boston/New York games without #2, although now some of our rookie pitchers will have a chance to get better, without being scared as hell to throw to him.

I wish you the best, Jeter, and if you happen to read this post- can I have the money for those glasses?  Thanks.




I recently celebrated a birthday (3.21). I officially jumped out of the 25-34 age box, into the next group.  Yep, I’m 35.  I don’t feel older.  No older than I did a day before anyway- when I was still technically 34.  I know I am older though because I have already started to get the “Did you just turn 21?” comments.  I know those are meant to be sweet, but it isn’t sweet because anyone knows you know that they are just trying to be sweet… that was a long, run-on sentence, but you know what I am saying.  My uncle Bernie doesn’t sugar coat anything, so I knew it was a reality when I got a (imagine the quote in a Kennedy-esque Boston accent) “You’re an old girl now, huh?” Sigh.  Yes, Bernie I am.

how funny, that is exactly how I spent that evening!
how funny, that is exactly how I spent that evening!

Fun facts that I learned about my birthday: This Blog.  I guess I am clear-sighted and drawn to people born 11/21-12/23.  (My boyfriend’s birthday is 11/25)

Habit I will not give up ESPECIALLY now that I am 35: My monthly facial  appointment. Not going to give this one up, ever. Why you ask?  Because I don’t really look 35!  Well, that and the fact I don’t sun bathe or smoke.

In the spirit of being 35, I thought I would post about all things 35.  Well, things that I come across, rather.  I started with Google.  It’s completely random what pops up in a search:

i am the same age as hello kitty. sweet.
i am the same age as hello kitty. sweet.

11 things 35:

  1. By this age I should have enough money equal to my annual salary
  2. I can run for president
  3. Rules for life after 35 (by Oprah).  My favorites? 1,2,5,6,7,8,13,15,16,18,27 and 28!
  4. Under NCAA rules for men’s basketball, the offensive team has 35 seconds to attempt a shot
  5. 35 mm film is the basic film gauge most commonly used for both analog photography and motion pictures
  6. “35 c”, a song by Jagúar from the album Jagúar
  7. The designation of Interstate 35, a freeway that runs from Texas to Minnesota and the only freeway to have East–West divisions (in two places, the Twin Cities and the DFWMetroplex)
  8. Licence Plate code of Izmir/Turkey
  9. XXXV (album), the thirty-fifth anniversary album by folk rock band Fairport Convention
  10. 35 is the title of a book written by Casper Schipper
  11. This plane:
the lockheed martin f-35 lightning II
the lockheed martin f-35 lightning II

So, here’s to another year of happiness, love, health and success! Cheers!