secret shared for holiday purposes.

I have a secret. I’m really really good at something…

Now, while I like to think having a gift or talent holds true for everyone, I certainly know it absolutely is in my case.  I’m not being cocky (well, maybe a little), but my mashed potatoes never fail to be complimented. Ever.

In the spirit of the season of thanks and giving, I am now passing it on to all of you.

Trust me. Make them. Now. Your family will hoard the leftovers. Hell, my mother hides a portion of them in the freezer so she can devour them in secrecy at a later date. There might be tears of joy. There might be arm wrestling or thumb wars to compete for the last bite. I won’t apologize for any of it.

Just trust me and make them. And you’re welcome.

always trust the katie.

Caveat: THESE ARE NOT FAT FREE, at all.

katie’s mashed potatoes.

You will need:

  • A big bag of baby or regular red potatoes
  • NO LESS THAN 2 sticks of BUTTER (do not use any substitutes)
  • 1/2 Cup of milk (I use A2) to taste because you don’t want it watery. If you feel you put too much, just turn the burner back on and it will evaporate some of the moisture
  • A full block of philly cream cheese (or more)*
  • LOTS of fresh or dried DILL weed. Add until it looks like you are using too much, but trust me- it makes everything smooth.
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Leave the skin on the potatoes, cut in half or quarters and throw in your large pot
  • The water in the pot should be filled to just above the top of the highest potato
  • Boil on high in large pot until you can flake off with a fork
  • Drain potatoes in the sink
  • Put 1 stick or 1/2 cup of butter in the original pot used to boil potatoes, when melted then add the drained potatoes
  • Add all remaining ingredients, one at a time
  • Mash
  • Add more butter
  • You probably need even more butter
  • Now, decided what you might need to add more of… My advice is to include a cooking partner (aka taste-tester) to help with these decisions
  • The desired taste should be TOOOOO creamy and eyes should roll back of their head upon fork entering mouth

*Sometimes I add 1/2 to full vidalia onion (chopped and boiled with the potato). I also sometimes sub basil for dill and sour cream for cream cheese. It’s equally delicious, just depends on your taste, mood or complementing protein. 

Prepping note: I prefer to use a hand masher; trust me it makes it better. A blender or a food processor will make them too smooth, or whipped (which then disqualifies it from being my recipe). You want them smooth, but with genuine texture. My advice is to smash until most of the lumps are gone and all the ingredients are melted and mixed. It should look like speckled kinda lumpy perfection when you are done.

Just a little gift from me to you. Enjoy.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.

love, *katie.