1. A condition peculiar to high school seniors, hence the subword “senor” in senoritis. Symptons include a general apathy towards classes, homework, future i.e. college applications, restlessness and a “cannot do” attitude to surmountable school load.

Note: This condition may also apply to working adults on a friday afternoon, knowing the weekend is approaching.

It’s not that I get it every Friday, or even that often for that matter, but from time to time I get the feeling that any moment I too will be free of responsibility- and my mind is lost. The funny thing is, I absolutely LOVE my career, but I think it’s natural to have this “clock-watching” mentality from time to time. Check it: my days consist of professional networking, socializing, getting ready, bull-shitting, writing internal/external documents, writing emails, making calls, proof-reading, engaging in social media, volunteering, filling-in-the-blank of whatever else is on the agenda, client relations, gossiping (hey, lets be honest), family relations, running up and down stairs in usually 4″ heels, explaining, driving everywhere, cooking, cleaning, working out, planning upcoming events/holidays/trips/meetings, and researching. Life can get exhausting! In fact, I don’t know one person who has ever NOT had this feeling. We are human, after all.

How can you escape this nonproductive lethargy state-of-mind? Simple. I learned a while back if I can go home after work and (on the days where my evenings are not booked with events) do absolutely nothing: like sit in the bathtub with a book for 30-45 minutes, or snuggle with my sweetie on our super-chair, then I get a recharge for the next day. Give it a try, but find your own sweetie. 😉