a little trick for an amazing treat.

I understand the title of this post would be better fit around October, but I was thinking about something this morning and it sparked my brain into motion: compartmentalizing.  What does that have to do with tricks and treats?  I’ll explain, ramble on a bit, and then I will provide a really good recipe.

I have always been a “the more the merrier” type of girl.  I am always the first to extend the invite to the quiet girl or boy in the back of the room to the party, as I truly believe that mixing different types of people could make for an interesting adventure- and that everyone deserves an invitation.   I’m not going to quote Rodney King, but you know what I am saying.

I have never had an issue combining high school, college, work colleagues and random friends I make along the way in the same room.  I had always thought this was the way everyone thought until a few years ago.  I learned that people are placed into “compartments” within ones mind of how they are associated.  Apparently, this idea of compartmentalizing is more common than I would have ever imagined.  How is that fun?  If you get along with each person in your “network,” then wouldn’t the people at least have one thing in common?  I’m not talking about forcing friendships, I just think it’s good to keep an open mind.  I asked one of my friends who practices this method and she  explained to me that “certain people know certain things, and others know other things. So, I keep them separate. It’s less messy.”  Side thought: her closet is much more organized than mine, so maybe she has a point.  Is it better to keep work at work and home at home? Who would come to the BBQ? Is it possible to be too friendly and open? What if people feel left out? 

seems more complicated than organized. lots of lives to keep straight!
seems more complicated than organized. lots of lives to keep straight!

The same thing could be said for baking that I said above:  Mixing fun and different things like cayenne pepper, butterscotch chips, peanut butter, or cinnamon into a brownie batter adds a little spice, texture or intrigue to what would normally be a typical boring baked good.  The beauty of my recipes is that I actually use box batter for the majority of my treats- I just doctor them so far from the original recipe that, aside from the powder, it isn’t at ALL what the box intended.  End result: seconds, thirds, and sadness when you realize they are all gone.

Okay, I got that out.  Now for the treat I promised.

Lately, Brad and Gunnar have been devouring my homemade ice cream sandwiches.  It’s simple, easy and quick.  Enjoy.

  • First, at your grocery store, purchase a bag of Betty Crocker Cookie Mix.  I like these.
  • The recipe calls for one egg and one stick of butter.  You could sub the butter with coconut oil, which is actually amazing for your body- and tastes great!  I bought some last night and I was not disappointed.
  • I always add 1-2 tsp of vanilla extra extra and 5-10 dashes of cinnamon for a little kick.
  • Put into 1″ balls about 2 inches apart on a lightly greased (with the coconut oil) baking sheet.  Bake for 11 minutes on 350′.  Remove from rack and let cool completely.
  • Pick your filler (gelato, sorbet, Ben & Jerry’s, etc).
  • After the cookies are cooled, scoop an appropriate portion of filler between two cookies. (to keep them neat, I always wrap each sandwich immediately in tin foil and put in freezer)
  • Wait.

    combination can be a fantastic thing
    “it’s quite nice to see that I didn’t have to change who I was to reach two very different types of people.”      -marc jacobs.

I’m going to bet that if my friend ate one of these bad boys she might agree that not all mixing is a bad thing.