It’s been a while since we spoke.

I am not sure if anyone actually reads these silly posts of mine (besides my friends and mother), but I thought I would pop in for an update.

I’m finding that as I get older, I have started to lose touch with many of the friends I have made throughout the years. All of a sudden people are getting engaged, moving to completely random states, getting pregnant, switching careers, and other life occurrences, that unless you speak to a person weekly- you would miss all together. It makes me question if the friendship was ever really worth it- or if we have become so self involved, that we forget to reach out to people that care about us the most.

Why are some friendships so easy to forget?

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  1. To me, friendships (and relationships too) have an oscillating character. They are defined by a common base to which the two people involved may or may not return.

    Sometimes the time horizon is just getting longer which means you don’t collide as frequently as before. But that doesn’t mean that the base is removed, right?.

    Look at it from a perspective of holographic design: It’s still stored in you and will be activated in due time. If not, it’s still stored in you 🙂

    To give you another perspective, I’ll share some wise words of my dad’s:

    “The number of people who can kiss my ass increases on a daily basis.”

    Which side of the spectrum are you at?

  2. I think most friendships are circumstantial and convenient but some…usually just a rare few….are meant to last the test of time, life events and distance. I’m speaking from experience here because I have this one friend who will always be my bestie no matter where our lives take us.

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