really spammers?!?@#$%!!!

Ok, so what is the deal with people who spam email, blogs, and social media sites? Are you bored, little computer geek? You seriously have nothing better to do than sit around and figure out ways to mess up my computer and possibly bug every contact I have in my address book? Do you get a cut from the Geek Squad? Or is this possibly a ploy from Best Buy to lure in customers, perhaps?!

I had a spammer, on this silly little website of mine, send me a compliment, only to find out that when my MOM looked at the person commenting- it was a porn site. Awesome, thanks. She actually thought you were a friend of mine and I got a nice long email about the kind of person I was, and I should not be associating with people like that. In 1999/2000/2001 (can’t remember the exact year) it took me an HOUR to teach the woman to use an email address properly- can you imagine how long it took me to explain to her spam? I won’t even get into my feelings towards whoever taught her how to send pictures on her cell phone. I’ll deal with you later.

Listen, I was not the one who threw you in a locker, gave you daddy/mommy issues, nor do I care that your acne just cleared up and you’re feeling sassy today. Do us all a favor and use your intellect for good, not evil. Go apply for a job at Facebook or Google and fight against losers like yourself. I promise you will not only be paid better, affording yourself a gym membership, spiffy Adidas sandals and trip to the dermatologist, but you will be able to look yourself in the mirror. Oh, and you’ll keep yourself from jail because what you are doing is ILLEGAL.

Good vs evil in the world of computer programming? Just ask Mark Zuckerberg; I think he’ll agree with me on this one.


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