Since I have been a blank slate lately…I decided to reflect today, and post some random thoughts. This will not make sense at all- but it’s better than nothing, and just maybe you will be thinking the same things!

1. I’m excited about the Royal wedding. I get so wrapped up in romantic comedies, that I forget romance and tradition still exist. I adore everything I have heard about both parties involved. I will be waking up at 3am to cry and cheer with London.

2. I am getting very tired of the cold weather in Chicago. What is even worse- is that we have been given like 3 days of nice weather to tease us. I even went outside this weekend for a long walk with my dog and boyfriend. Right as my spirits are lifted- its rainy and 40 degrees again. I’m starting to think it has something to do with God being upset at the political figures that keep coming out of this state.

3. I cannot stand people who are rude, mean, judgmental and braggy. Unfortunately I have too many people who fit all of these adjectives to comment on. Can they please just shut up and be normal?

4. Work has been amazing lately. I am very happy in my job- and actually get excited to get up in the morning. Have not felt this way since 2004. It’s nice to be back in this phase of my life. Smiling feels good. Meaning it feels so much better.

5. Gas is getting annoyingly high in price. I might start rollerblading to work, if the damn sun would come out.

6. Do people ever really take the time to consider other people’s feelings? I often wonder how I could make this a hot trend.

7. I hate when my friends are sad and/or hurting. I wish I didn’t live so far away all the time. I have a couple friends who have heartaches right now. Why is traveling so damn expensive?

8. I want to plan a trip with the boyfriend to someplace warm. I know he is dying to get in the sun- hmmm. Suggestions? I was thinking Puerto Rico.

9. Have you ever googled Jon Scheyer? There is a basketball player from Illinois who makes the most stupid face as he goes for a shot. Google it- you’ll laugh. Also- next time you are frustrated and cannot put it into words- just send a picture of the Scheyerface- and the recipient will understand.

John Scheyer
my thoughts exactly.

10. I’m sad Mad Men producers can’t get their act together and put the show back on TV. I loved that show. In a recent attempt to put a band-aid on our wounds from the loss of Mad Men, we started watching Dexter. If you have not seen this show- start from season 1. The writing is amazing. Although- I am “all set” with his sister on the show (ex wife in real life), Debra Morgan. She has a horrible potty-mouth and has the most vulgar way of being. She also needs to eat a steak. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen it- and if you take my advice and watch it.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. 🙂

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