situations not warranted.

I often joke that if I were locked in a room for a month, when I came out- something would be wrong, and ultimately, it would be my fault. I believe this to be an innate curse, but I live with it. Possibly because I am confident, but maybe because I am just too ignorant to understand why someone would create drama, just for the sake of something to do.

I find it amusing when people get so bored with their own lives, that they create things to be upset about- and sometimes- even make it a big deal. I find it funny with people talk behind others backs, without the person present to defend his/herself. I believe that it is genuine insecurity when a person holds a grudge and/or a hate. If confidence were present in an individual, then they would rise above the petty crap, and move on and up. Wouldn’t that define a positive life-force? Who wants to sit around and be pissed off, talking shit all day long? Seems like a horrible waste of time and energy.

When you’re a little kid, and kids at school are mean to you, parents have one explanation (usually); they are jealous of you. Is there a time-line of that explanation- or expiration date? Couldn’t this same simple answer hold true as an adult?

You’re probably wondering why I am ranting about this topic- well, obviously I have had a situation develop, recently, and it’s eating at me because I am leaning towards the ignorant side of me. I simply just don’t understand. Worse part about this is that it’s happening in my own family. Isn’t family supposed to get your back? Well, personally and historically, I have never believed that, but wouldn’t it be fabulous if it were true?

The best part is, I could write the details of situation, and my disagreement with the whole thing- and even be petty myself, but I won’t lower myself to do it. I’m simply venting my confusion towards people who waste negative energy creating drama. Hell, I am not excusing myself from this behavior, but I will say that as of the past 10 years (at least), I have risen above it this crap. People need to get a life and KEEP IT SIMPLE!

That is all.



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